Mr. Obama, You’re Fired!

With the upcoming primaries and the imminent presidential elections, many are up in arms about the direction of our country.  Moreover, with the number of candidates out there, particularly on the right side, thoughts and proposed policies can become convoluted.  It is so difficult for the American people to see the forest through the trees.  Politicians have set a precedent for making promises they can’t keep and flipping on their pre-election stances.  So, what do we have left?  Party loyalty?  Conservatism?  Liberalism?  Cliches and long-lived stances?  None of that is worth a damn these days.  So what do we have left?  How about vision?  Hind-sight and recollection of the nation we were, and the drive to put us there again.  Why have we allowed the constitution to be perverted to the extent that we have more chiefs than indians who fail to represent their constituencies?  It is our responsibility as citizens of the United States, to resist corruption of our doctrine in accordance with the constitution.  We need leadership.  We need a leader who has no other motive but to improve the way of life for the millions of Americans who are struggling just to get by; Americans who are frustrated by the invasion of our country by those who do not have the right to be here and who, by virtue of crossing the border, are criminals; Americans who see no end in sight to the mutation of the oval office.  Americans need a president who wants to make America great again.  America needs a winner!  America needs Donald Trump.

I am an independent.  I tend to agree with the vision of the liberal side of things; however, I understand math and therefore can only imagine those visions coming true if they came to us in a large sack, carried by a man who flies in a sled pulled by reindeer.  This makes me lean completely to the right side of most things politics.  I do not agree with some conservative ideals; however, I think the direction Trump wants to go is a solid one.  More importantly, I think he has the balls to do it.  If the man says he’ll build a wall…he’ll build the damn wall.  This is something we have been waiting for since Reagan.  I believe, as much as I believe in death and taxes, this man will put forth every effort to do what he says he will do.  Why?  He has no reason not to.

Why is Donald Trump running for president?  Searching for fame?  Looking to leave a legacy?  Retirement benefits?  Desire for power?  Campaign benefactor donations, connections, or networking?  He doesn’t need any of these things.  The man is already super famous, with more money than he knows what do do with, and whose future is secure.  He knows how to make money.  He doesn’t need the presidency.  This leaves only one honest solution, he actually cares! We need a president who cares about America more than his bank account.

Sure, he may be rough around the edges regarding his experience in the political realm, but that is what having advisors is for.  Sure, advisors can advocate for their own gain, but Donald Trump is not one who is easily swayed and is quite capable of saying, “you’re fired!”  The man has balls, and that is what America needs.  I can not wait until the presidential debate, and I feel sorry for whoever is on the other side of the stage.  You can upstage his political prowess, you can call him a bully, you can undermine his experience; however, you can not remotely contest his guts, or desire to return the U.S. of A to it’s former 1950’s glory!  I have been saying this for a long time.  Read my previous blogs about parenting, government, state of the union, history, or any of the other ones.  My perspective is not a secret.  I can’t wait for the future of America.  Normally, I am very cynical and skeptical about the “new thing,” but this time, I am hopeful.  I literally have hope.  I will vote Trump.


7 thoughts on “Mr. Obama, You’re Fired!

  1. I certainly think I understand both your reasoning and your conclusion. I went a different way, primarily because I do not like the way Trump treats people.
    But I have the same basic problem with Bernie Sanders that I do with Trump: Both have taken positions that would add significantly to the federal deficit and neither has told me how they will pay for them. Trump tax cuts assume the trickle down theory actually works. The evidence suggests otherwise. The price tag is $1 trillion. That is way too high for another mistake.


    1. Ed, I don’t necessarily disagree. My reasoning for this very DRASTIC change in presidential candidacy is simple. It has less to do with politics and more to do with sociology. Honestly, it is almost a moral reason. I also do not like the way he treats people all of the time, but I honestly think that our history has shown us that visionaries with “crazy talk” helped to create our nation. We are in a time of reformation and I think it is going to take some hard nose attitude change to make any difference one way or another. Also, I do think that Trump has a knack for making money, so I think that he may actually help the deficit rather than hurt it. While my choice thus far may seem a bit naive, I guess I’m just tired of politics; tired of political correctness, or being careful all of the time. We, as Americans, beat our chests at the world, but the world doesn’t see us as the giant gorilla anymore. We are a bit of a joke to a large portion of the civilized world. I don’t like that. Maybe now is the time to be drastic and visionary. Maybe now is the time to do things that are morally correct and things that make sense to layman. But now, that is, as always with my posts, just my opinion–jaded as they can be.


      1. I am thankful for people who do care and do take a stand. I agree with virtually everything you say. And I respect you for saying it. I have a post on this blog predicting a probability Trump will be the next President.


  2. If you believe Trump will do something because he has no reason NOT to, then you have to believe that once he gets in office and has a reason not to, he won’t.

    Also, if you want a conservative in office, it ain’t Trump. If you want brutal honesty in office, again, it ain’t him. If you want someone to rouse a crowd….hey, that’s your man.



    1. All I’m saying is that perhaps we need someone who has an honest desire to do what he says. I know he’s not a politician. I just feel that desperate times call for desperate measures. I do feel that there are one or two other republican candidates I can get behind, but I’m down for something drastic because I think that’s what we need. I also like Cruz a lot. I think that he would definitely be a good choice for a running mate (or vice versa). They have a lot of the same ideas and desires for the country; however, they just go about telling us about them in a different way. Besides, I’m a little jaded in that I do not trust politicians in general. They are, for the most part, pretty crooked; and, if they aren’t are stuck in the stereotype of being crooked. Perhaps Trump isn’t the best choice for president, but I don’t think that as a society, we can get much worse. At least his heart is in the right place. It all comes down to vision. At least he has one! Our country was founded by visionaries who wanted the standing government changed. I love that he is running for office because it has a bit of history to it. Well, either way, I have my reasons and while they may seem a bit obscure or naive even, they are what they are.


  3. Bottom Line: if you are happy with the way things are and want to continue the Obama agenda and the status-quo then the Democratic nominee is your choice. However, if you at least want a chance at bringing about a change in an attempt to bring us back to some semblance of what we use to be then an aggressive loud mouth who does what he says may be just what we need. So on the scale: one side status-quo, the other side CHANGE. Problems really lie with Congress who operate to please themselves and increase their benefits. So you wonder why both Republicans and Dems alike are fearful of Trump; they don’t want to lose what they have, and the rest of us are of no concern of theirs. Unfortunately we are ruled by an elitist government who want to control every part of our lives making us dependent on them.


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