Long Live Star Wars!

It has been quite a while since I have written a blog.  That is partially because I have been either busy, sick, or mind blocked on what exactly to write about.  However, I have been off of work for over a week due to illness and I have had ample time to surf the internet on my phone and iPad as I have been lying in bed.  In doing so, being the geek that I am, I have spent much of my time watching a ton of Star Wars fan films on the internet.  Fan films?  If I were George Lucas, I think I would be completely blown away by these.  Now, most of them aren’t very good, or have high quality acting or cinematography; however, they just keep coming and I’ll keep watching.  Why? Because I love Star Wars.  People love Star Wars!  I’ll take any taste I can get until I see Episode VII.  Our thirst cannot ever be fully quenched.  Star Wars vampire…that’s me!

Once upon a time, there was a poor farm boy who knew an old man.  One day, due to happenstance, two strange and quirky fellows met this young farm boy and told him of their quest to be reunited with a good wizard who could save their princess.  This good wizard turned out to be the old man the farm boy knew.  So, the good wizard, the farm boy, and the two quirky gentlemen met up with a pirate and his first mate who, upon payment, would transport them a great distance on their ship to save the princess.  Unbeknownst to them, the princess was being held captive by an evil wizard.  This evil wizard was at one point a friend and apprentice of the good wizard.  In a daring escape attempt, the pirate, first mate, farm boy, two quirky gentlemen, and the good wizard saved the princess.  It all ended in an epic duel between wizards, who battled with their magic weaponry.  The battle ended in victory for the evil wizard; however, only because the good wizard sacrificed himself in order for the rest of his comrades to escape unscathed.

I could obviously put this spin on all of the films, but you get the point.  We all love Star Wars for our own reasons.  The above paraphrase is basically how I get people who aren’t into sci-fi to watch Star Wars.  They have all loved it.  We cannot expect that a new movie every few years is going to cut it for us, that is why fan films are so great.

With Episode VII coming out this winter and more upcoming episodes imminent, the number of fan films and frenzies will be somewhat endless for the foreseeable future.  So, I figured I would give my opinion to folks out there who want to see this kind of thing continue (like me).  I have been scoping out the buzz for the upcoming 2016 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards.  While there are several projects out there, there really isn’t much that caught my eye.  That is until I came across one of my very own followers who is working on a project called, “Star Wars: In the Shadow of Death.”  The writer and director is also one of the lead supporting actors in the film (and a long time friend of mine).  Outside of this, he is apparently in charge of fund raising and marketing.  He has begun a campaign on http://www.indiegogo.com to fund his movie, which he claims to cost approximately $15,000.  I have done some digging, which has extended to contacting my friend and the creator of this project, which led me to viewing some of his other productions.  I can honestly say, having seen the winning entries for the 2014 and 2015 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards, this production deserves it’s shot.  I am not a big fan of sales pitches, but please check this out if you want to be part of something great.  Even if you are not a Star Wars fan.  This is something that could shape the future for a number of film production careers as well as open the world’s eyes to the official timeline of the Star Wars Universe.  I have posted a couple of links below for you to check out on your own.  See for yourself.  This has got me very excited!  I only wish I could afford to fund the entire thing myself.






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