Hit Me Up!

Alright, with the number of issues our country faces today, it’s hard to really narrow down one that isn’t talked about constantly.  There’s immigration reform, the deficit, welfare, and more.  I am going to take a stab at a few of them, by using an old technique, long forgotten by the leaders of our nation, common sense.


Honestly, I don’t know why this is even an issue.  There are rules that govern immigration all over the world.  I honestly can’t believe there is even a case to be made for these people who, by virtue of jumping the fence or crossing the wire, have become criminals.  Now we are rewarding it.  That makes as much sense as snorkeling in a suit of armor .  In fact, it’s not a bad metaphor considering we are weighed down and drowning in illegal immigrants.  The fact that the government even considered some of the privileges that were actually granted to illegal immigrants is flat out ludicrous!  What message is being sent when we hand out the rights afforded us by the constitution, to those who haven’t earned it, don’t deserve it, and have no right to it?  Who pays the price?  We, the taxpayers, do.  If there was ever a cause which justified a police state, this is it.

Federal Debt

I said it before, I’ll say it again.  We must create revenue.  We cannot increase spending and decrease taxes.  In fact, we must do the opposite, a fair amount.  We pay less tax than most of the world.  That is because we are hung up on the reason that we revolted in the first place.  Taxation without representation is unfair and inherently wrong; however, taxes aren’t a bad thing.  Now, we have representation, we just don’t know what we represent so it’s hard for the representatives to advocate for, well, anything.  The ants go marching, one by one, hurrah, hurrah.  I don’t think we are ever going to rid ourselves of our federal debt, but let’s just keep it manageable.  Don’t obligate funds you don’t have.  If you need more money, do what the rest of us do, budget.


Welfare is designed to be a “get on your feet program.”  Not a “live off of the system program.”  Am I in favor of any new laws or requirements that make Welfare a more closely scrutinized system? Yes!  Drug test em!  Spend the money for them!  Don’t hand them a check.  Break down the money into closely controlled vouchers or what-have-you.  Pay their rent, pay their utilities, provide food stamps that are only good for food, and sustenance.  I mean, use your heads.  They are scamming the government and we just let them do it.   I am not a real expert on these things but I know enough to know that what we are doing is creating a culture of Welfare families.  Passed on generation to generation.  I watched a video on the internet and heard a woman, who is on Welfare, say, “My momma raised us on Welfare, so I don’t see why I gotta work.”  What about betterment, what about contribution to society?  What about earning something?  No self-respect.  Perhaps it’s the cynic in me that thinks everyone is out to get everyone else or game the system, but until someone proves me wrong, this is how I will stay.  So far, they keep proving me right.


In my youth, I smoked weed a bit (the extent of which I will leave up to your imaginations).  I don’t think that it is particularly harmful, outside of the physical damage it does to your lungs.  It is far less harmful than alcohol.  It’s fun, relaxing, and makes you snacky.  Silly things get sillier, some things seem stranger given a skewed perspective.  I do not see marijuana as that big of a deal.  We enforce the laws miserably anyways.  When we are able to, people pay the price for possession, distribution, or what-not.  Do I think it should be legal?  Hell no!  There are a few reasons why I feel this way; however, the overarching theme of this blog is common sense, so here goes.  How do you enforce driving under the influence?  Do we have mobile urine testing contraptions that can pull the THC out of your specimen on the spot?  Is there a THC Breathalyzer?  How many people die each year due to alcohol related DUIs?  I was just talking to a guy I know and he argued, “Well, pot makes you lazy and not want to go anywhere anyways.”  That has won the prize for the stupidest argument of the century.  Yea, let’s bank on being stoned saving lives on the road.  Idiot.  Then, he said, “We should just tax the crap out of it and enforce how, when, and where it’s used.”  Really?  Let’s look to the past.  Outside of most penal systems, has restricting the liberties of the public with more complicated rules been good for a nation, or bad for a nation?  North Korea, China, USSR, Cuba, Iraq, need I continue?  There are legal ways to kill brain cells.  We don’t need any more, no matter how fun and harmless it is.  The honest truth is, we cannot enforce the rules we have while it’s illegal, how do we plan to enforce the rules when it’s not.

Hit Me Up 

Hey, we all know that there are countless other issues facing society, families, men, women, children and practically any other social system, individuals, or groups.  I tend to look at things with the perspective of common sense, and the greater good.  I do not buck the system as I belong to it; however, I do like to put a little bird on people’s shoulders and suggest there may be a better way to do things.  Many of our issues are complicated and require intricate knowledge to really take an intelligent stance, but many are only made complicated because the powers that be dance around the issue and create a smoke and mirror effect.  If you want, hit me up.  Give me an issue, I’ll give you my opinion, or heck, every now and then, I might even come up with some smart way to work towards fixing it.


I’ll rant about something that is UNIMPORTANT!


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