Blogging can be not so awesome!

I have noticed, because of the type of person I am, that blogging can be pretty awesome; however, it can also be a bit of an obligation. Now, I am married, with three children, two dogs, and two cats. I have a pretty busy life. Then, something unexpected or unusual happens, and I can’t blog for a few days or even a week. I actually feel bad about it. I think that’s probably just a me thing.

Either way, I am not sure if it is pointless to blog about blogging, or my current lack of blogging, but I figured…eh, I’ve got a few minutes. I have been racking my brain lately about all of the things that have been going on in my life for the past four years or so. It seems like I have been running on all cylinders for all of that time and I think it’s time to just put it in hybrid mode and hit the cruise control! You know those people who are always doing stuff! Golfing, fishing, traveling, drinking, partying, working; what’s wrong with just doing nothing. I mean nothing, for like two weeks. I don’t think I am capable of that. I mean, even if I took a vacation, I would be hell bent on spending the time doing something! It drives my wife crazy, because she loves hotels. She would be content to just hang out in the room or at the pool. If there is a decent restaurant or bar inside, she’s all for it. I am jealous of the way she is. I am a big advocate for changing certain aspects of your personality to be the person you want to be but, I will say, regardless of my soap box rants, easier said than done.

Anyways, I’ll be back on track with another rant that is actually about something important at some point soon. I just wanted y’all to know I was still out here. While I have a few topics in mind, I could always use input or something to research. If anyone has any ideas, please comment with them. That is if you are looking for an opinion. Dear Abbe….na! Dear Maurice…sounds great!


One thought on “Blogging can be not so awesome!

  1. Uh, I blog about blogging/not-blogging all the time. Case in point, I haven’t blogged in FOREVER. I was even trying to do a daily writing thing…yeah, I moved across the country and haven’t gotten into it again. Should start soon.


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