Hitler; A Villain, A Tyrant, A Monster, A Genius

Adolph Hitler was a monster. He advocated and facilitated genocide. He died in the cowardly fashion in which he lived. He is possibly, the worst human being to ever scorn the earth with his presence. Having said that, I won’t lie when I say, I admire his brilliance.

The man had some crazy ideas. Basically, for those who don’t know, he blamed the Jews for not supporting the German aggression during WWI and, in fact, metaphorically stabbing Germany in the back, causing them to lose the war. Additionally he blamed the Jews for the fact that Germany could not recover after the armistice. This caused his complete obsession with antisemitism, which was widely accepted in Germany and France at the time, and led to the Nazi movement prior and during WWII. All of this caused the subsequent holocaust. His hatred of Jews was as misguided and evil as the slave ideology of the United States in the 19th century and prior, regarding Africans, whose family lines eventually created the more well rounded melting pot culture of the United States that we live in today. I am more interested in the fact that he had all of Germany believing him, even before they feared him. I am not going to focus on all of his positive attributes, as there weren’t many; instead, I intend to focus on the one that could make a difference to our United States as it stands today. His leadership and skill as a public orator was unsurpassed. He stands along side Martin Luther King Jr. as one of the most prolific speakers of the time. His skill as a national manipulator is bar none, the most influential in the 20th century. My thoughts are, what would happen if these skills were obtained or sought after by a figure with intent to do good.

During the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, Adolph Hitler could have said, “There are men on Mars who come to threaten the security of Germany!” If he had, the entire nation would have believed him and fought for whatever cause he requested of them. It wasn’t because his ideas were of sound mind and clarity. It was because he knew how to motivate people to act. He even motivated American men, with lineage to Germany, to fight for his cause. He would speak so passionately about a topic, and his public would follow like rats to the Pied Piper. His propaganda spread like a lit match in a field of hay. Hatred burned through Germany. Then, came fear, usurping even the most intelligent, and morally uncompromisable individuals.

Hitler removed any temptation to be righteous–any nerve to do the right thing, regardless of the cost. This began with winning the hearts and minds of his soldiers and fellow Nazis. After that, it was easy to lay down the iron fist and just brutalize or murder whoever stood in the way. This isn’t a part that I admire as I tend to think of myself as someone who is uncompromisingly subject to my moral compass. Having said that, he chose his generals. He knew who he could manipulate to effectuate the unspeakable. The man was a sociological genius psychopath. Like I said, imagine someone with that talent, with the thought to do something good with it.

I want a leader I can follow, but I don’t want a nation of lemmings believing everything that comes out of the figure head’s mouth. While our leadership doesn’t necessarily have the motivating panache that Adolph Hitler had, I like to think we could have a leader with the morals, values and wisdom to partner with skills much like Adolph Hitlers in order to motivate our nation to respect each other, the world, our nation, their jobs, their families, their children, their communities, their self respect, etc. I think, we simply need to take a hard look at our enemies–our demons, and figure out what it will take to get the entire country to rally to a cause worth coming together for.


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