Okay, I’ll Talk About Beer Some More

I love beer. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I am a beer expert, but I definitely could get into the gig. Anyways, I am not a fan of Sam Adams Boston Lager, however, I am crazy about most of their big name seasonals. Mid-winter through early spring is easily my favorite time of year, when talking about beer.

During the fall holidays, I always have Octoberfest in my beer fridge. During Summer, I am never left wanting for a cool Summer Ale, as I ensure it is readily available. The best time of year for Sam Adams is, however, without a doubt, late January – March (I’m guessing). Cold Snap! It is like a hopped up Blue Moon. No orange slice needed!

The more and more I talk about Sam Adams to my friends and family, the more I am realizing that, most people really don’t care for the regular old Boston Lager. Generally, they like the seasonals. I would have to agree. The standard stuff is somewhat heavy, but without the satisfaction of a beer that is designed to be heavy, like a Guinness or a Newcastle. Okay, I’ll get off of Sam for a bit.

If anyone is in the South, particularly South Carolina, or certain parts of southern North Carolina, please check out a brewery called Thomas Creek. While I am not a big fan of pumpkin beers, their’s is pretty good but, their trophy winner for me is their Dopplebock. Not a chuggin beer, just a sipper, but it’s amazing.

We all know how I feel about Red Stripe, so I won’t go there. I will talk about another beer that has a completely different taste, but the same Coca-Cola, AAAAHHHHH! Try out, Asahi. It is a Japanese super dry. Nothing compares on a hot summer day after mowing the lawn. This is one beer that is better in a can! The bottle is nowhere near as good, nor is the draft (if you are ever in Japan).

Well, what about domestic light beers? I would have to say, I am a Miller Lite guy. Having said this, I do occasionally grab a sixer of Bud Light Lime; particularly, in the summer. The remaining alternatives do nothing for me in the taste department.

Best Beer Ever! Being from where I am from, I had to experience this beer once I got out into the world. It is by far, my favorite beer. Not necessarily because it tastes the best, but because I am NEVER not in the mood for it. I kind of have to be in a certain mood for the other stuff, but this, I can drink anytime. My wife is the same way, in fact, at 7 am when we were opening up Christmas presents with the kids, she had one. Now, she’s not a lush, it’s just that there is never a time where this wonderful lager isn’t fitting. Yuengling, the oldest brewery in the United States, is also the best. Way to go PA! There are only 12 states that offer it in stores. I am so grateful to be in one of them. It is a pre-requisite to wherever I live.


Budweiser (headache in a bottle/can)
Sam Adams – Boston Lager
Sam Adams – Winter Lager
Anything “Ultra” or with “calorie count” in the name
IPA’s (just not my thing)
APA’s (maybe after I have already had a few)
Chocolate Beers
Land Shark
There are more, but these are what come to mind right now.

(side bar–my five pound dog is humping my fifty pound dog)

Honorable Mentions:
Killians Irish Red
Stella Artois
Bud Select (in aluminum bottle)
Sapporo (Japan)
33 (Viet Nam)
Sagres (Potugal)
Senghi (Thailand)

To tell you the truth, the list is not all inclusive, but I have been drinking Cold Snap all afternoon and any further great beers have slipped my mind. Later.


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