Why So Angry? Part I (I’ll limit the rant to five things)

Now, I have had considerable time to reflect on this question. By “considerable time” I mean, my mother asked me this when I was seven. I think I might have finally built up the requisite time to think about it, as well as the life experience to fill up my anger jar. When I was seven, I was angry for all the reasons seven year old children who fall victim of divorce would have to be angry. Funny, how that’s gone away! Mom and Dad are better the way they are now…far away from each other. There are tons of things that make me angry. Things that, in the grand scheme of things, do not matter. I won’t focus on those because I don’t want this to seem like a “grind my gears” kind of thing. I’ll stick to the important stuff. I warn you, some of this might be redundant, if you have read my other posts.


Money makes me angry. Not because I don’t have a lot of it, or that others have more or less than me. I just don’t like money. I couldn’t be an accountant. I don’t buy much that my family and I do not need (outside of the occasional splurge for my wife and kids). When I divorced my first wife, I noticed that no matter what I did to ensure my kids and I were going to be okay, I was constantly accused of thinking about solely money. It was infuriating! My wife and I have had our share of bleak moments, monetarily speaking. We have always been able to pull through them. That just speaks to the strength in our relationship; however, thousands of strong families are torn apart because of financial woes. Educations are forfeited, the greater good is ignored, people are hurt, nations are destroyed, and the world would just be a better place if less emphasis was placed on money. We need it, but how much of it do we really need. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you work hard, you become successful, you make money; GREAT! I guess I’m okay not being a big baller. I have a middle of the road house, two middle of the road cars, a middle of the road job, and an astoundingly wonderful family. That’s what I need. The rest, I don’t even bother. I leave that to someone with far more patience, and far less anger than me, my wife. Greed is, in my humble opinion, the second leading cause of most of the political and socioeconomic problems facing society today, second to bad parenting.


I am all for being sensitive about the differences in cultures, people, races, sexes, sexual preferences, etc., to the extent that we shouldn’t be discriminating based upon them or using derogatory hate terms to define individual people. However, I think that we have just taken this too far! It is down to the point where people ignore the obvious for fear of being labeled sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise simply insensitive. I vaguely remember a news story where a politician, or someone in his family, had adopted a child of a different race. When a family picture was released, the broadcaster vocalized an obvious joke, singing, “One of these things is not like the other.” Like I said, we were all thinking it, but everyone was too afraid to say anything. It wasn’t a racist comment, it was a joke. It was funny. The worst thing about it is, everyone knows it was a joke and it was funny. The mass media has to jump on the bandwagon and flay this broadcaster to the point she had to publicly apologize! She made a joke. It is obvious she wasn’t a racist, or even insensitive. We act obtuse and it really bothers me. People are different, that’s the plain truth. Stereotypes do not define the individual. Anyone can be anything they want. We can’t speak intelligently about the differences in people (because people are different) unless we just stop making issues where they do not need to be. I have never been good at walking on egg shells. I don’t like that it has become the standard these days.


This will be quick. You cannot increase government spending without raising taxes or finding another way to create revenue. It is impossible! That is all.


“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The second amendment has recently been interpreted to allow gun ownership for other purposes, most significantly for self-defense. Thanks to the Fourteenth Amendment, this law not only applies to the Federal government, but also to the states. YAY!

Now, ask yourself, is this right being properly put into practice. I don’t think so. While it may be your right to carry an AR 15, it is also the right of businesses, to deny you access to their property. Just as it would be my right to not allow the weapon in my house. Let’s dig deeper.

Compliance with authorities; yes, the police are authority figures whether you like it or not. Comply. When they see someone walking down the street with a fire arm, lawfully or not, they have an obligation to check it out. Mass murders could have been prevented in such a way. They just need to ensure that the individual carrying the firearm has a lawful right to do so, in that the Lautenberg Act or other law doesn’t disallow it. Let the police check your identification and run it through their computers. If people are reporting you because they are scared, don’t worry about it. It’s not a crime to be uptight.

I am not a gun owner, but I am not opposed to it at all. I don’t have a gun, because I can’t really afford to get one at this point. I think guns are cool as hell, but they aren’t trophy pieces nor are they toys. Gun ownership should be taken very seriously.


The right to be selective is fine in many regards. As long as the exclusivity of whatever is being offered is not based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, handicap, or any of the other “equal opportunity” type demographics. Having said this, who is the biggest offender of discriminatory assistance? I’ll give you three guesses–one for each branch. We spend so much money assisting small groups of people both nationally and internationally, without regard for the entirety! I do not mind government spending money on helping people. They really should, however, be spending money on helping the masses, and not just certain people, groups, or other countries. It’s like the highest levels of our government is telling the better business bureau, private companies, and even other government agencies, “do as I say, but not as I do.”

Spend money on researching alternate fuel sources that won’t make me have to buy a new car. Spend money researching free energy (please see link). Spend money on reversing ocean acidification (see link).

Solar Roads (not saying that this is even possible, but worth the research)

Ocean Acidification (potentially one of the largest threats facing our environment)

These are ideas, theories, and potentialities. These are things that affect everyone, not just a small group. I just think our priorities are a little skewed; perhaps, a little too narrow. I am not really very in to government spending without raising taxes or creating revenue. I am a bit more conservative when it comes to those things but, when it comes to the greater good, and all americans and all of mankind, I suppose I am a bit more liberal. It makes me mad at the government because regardless of how hard I work to provide for my family, there are people out there who do a one hundredth of what I do, and they are getting a free ride. It makes me mad at those people, because there is no desire to be a better person, a better American, or to simply contribute for their own good or the good of others. The biggest problem is that we allow it!


I better stop before I really piss someone off (again, that is based on who actually reads this stuff that I vent). There is so much more that I am dissatisfied with only because I want the United States to get back on the horse. I want the world to respect us again. Just like I want my children to be the best they can be, I want the same for my home and theirs. So, I guess these are things that make me angry, at this moment. Tomorrow, who knows?


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