Can I Get Directions?

This one is going to be quite short.  Also, it is going to be a bit different from the normal rant.  I want to talk about happiness.  I am a happy person in general (outside of my little soap box screams).

People over the ages have said they want to find “happiness,” as if it were a place on a map that you could just drive to.  Some talk of happiness as if once they get there, they will be good to go.  Unfortunately for those people, that is just not the case.  I hate to be pointing out the obvious here, but bear with me, I’m getting to my point.

My “happiness” metaphor:

Think of life as digging a hole.  You dig, and dig, and dig.  Periodically, you run into a root, or an earthy slice of bedrock or granite.  On occasion you find something unexpected like a fossil or a time capsule (memory or reminder).  You continue digging.  Each day you go to work, digging.  You come home to your family, who are all also digging in their own respect.  Kids are doing their homework—digging.  Wife is cooking dinner—digging.   Dog is in the back yard—digging. 🙂  You get home, and sit down for dinner and ask how everyone’s day has been—digging.  Your daughter has news!  She got an award in school for reading more books than the rest of her class!  You found a gold nugget.  You found a piece of happiness.

Life is digging a hole and finding gold nuggets that represent happiness.  You often have to live/dig through difficult situations and hard times (roots, bedrock, granite, etc.).  The harder you dig, does not necessarily affect the happiness you will find.  It doesn’t hurt to keep trying harder, but you have to take each gold nugget in stride and embrace it as proudly and with as much enthusiasm as you can because you likely do not have control over where or when the gold nuggets are placed in your digging path.


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