Let’s Play Cards

Let me pre-empt this blog by first, and foremost stating, I am white and I am not in any way, shape, or form, a racist.  It’s sad that I HAVE to provide a disclaimer.  I mean, I don’t want to lose my very few followers but, I am an equal opportunity ass with a perspective that many are simply too afraid to convey because they do not want to be labeled a racist and shunned like a pariah for the rest of their lives.  There are people who are going to get very defensive about this, but I am tired of cautious, intentional, ignorance when it comes to the severe double standards that are facing our society today in the form of a battle of the races.  Now, I am not saying that there is NO racism in America.  That would be ludicrous as there are prime examples of vicious hate groups such as the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and the Black Panthers who are clearly radical racist groups that show the prevalence of racism in America.  As this is a sensitive topic, as much as I do not feel that I should have to, I am going to show some sign of sensitivity and provide a small personal history regarding my experience with racism growing up.

I grew up, and graduated high school, in a suburban town that sits between two major cities.  These cities and the surrounding areas form a region and are associated with each other.  You might live in, or near one of the cities, and work in the other.  These cities, collectively and individually, have very high crime rates, in fact at one time, the region had one of the highest rates of violent crime in the nation.  These cities also have high black and Hispanic populations. In cities such as these, and many more, there are dense areas that are highly expensive to live in; however, people do so they can live close to where they work, or don’t.  In many cities like this, the government steps in and provides housing outside of the cities at a hugely discounted rate.  Most call this Section 8 housing.

Prior to moving to the apartment complex I lived in, the state had decided that they would purchase up many of the apartment units and utilize them for Section 8.  This meant that many inner city families, predominantly black and Hispanic families, would re-locate to capitalize on the government housing assistance.  Now, don’t get me wrong, many of the kids in these families became my very good friends and remain so to this day; however, it did turn the development into a micro-ghetto in a relatively small amount of time.  Not because of the presence of black and Hispanic families, but the increase in petty crime, police interactions, and escalating violence.  That’s when I moved in with a family member who had lived there for years.

Looking back at it now, I would have to say that moving into this neighborhood was somewhat like going to prison.  Not that my liberties were restricted, but because I had to prove myself in order to be able to just walk down the street.  I did just that.  I never understood racism in the neighborhood.  I never thought I was being ridiculed because I was white.  It never even crossed my mind.  Even after being called names like honkey and cracker.  I just figured, if the other kids were going to take me seriously and allow me to be a part of their already-established clique, then I would have to earn my keep.  As it turned out, a quick throat punch solidified my place in the neighborhood.  I didn’t care for being “mushed.”

DISCLAIMER OVER!  Now that I have cleared the air, I am going to pick apart the backbone of the idea that racism is so abundant that every aspect of American society needs to ensure sensitivity to minority groups regardless of their own behavior.  GLAD could pay attention to this part too.  Let’s say perhaps, that I am a superstitious person.  However, I don’t merely bump into good omens or bad ones by happenstance, I instead seek out four leaf clovers and heads-up pennies in order to better my chance at having good luck.  Conversely, I’m constantly on the lookout for black cats and ladders on the sidewalk.  It sort of cheapens the idea doesn’t it?  There are people out there like Al Sharpton and his group of fanatics who search out racism and find it wherever it is convenient for them.  Now, there are occasions where racial profiling has led to bad things happening, like Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin and the subsequent acquittal of a bully, perhaps even a racist one, who was looking for a fight.  However, racism is not so deep seeded in American society that we need to be on the lookout as if it were the enemy trying to infiltrate our homes, schools, businesses, government, etc.

Now, it now seems that every time a black person is unfortunately injured, insulted, or killed at the hands of a white person, it MUST be racism.  DOUBLE STANDARD ALERT!!!  When Michael Brown was killed, the city of Ferguson rallied to the cause, calling it a clear act of racial profiling and dissention.  Never mind the fact that Michael Brown fit the description of a suspect wanted in the case of a strong arm robbery that took place earlier that day.  Understand that the term robbery, under the law, when compared to larceny and burglary, has a key element; force!  Guess what, the description was accurate.  Then, when the cop tried to stop this robbery suspect, the now deceased, Michael Brown, attempted to attack the cop and take his firearm!  Now, I don’t know about you, but in my world, taking a gun from a cop is sort of like tugging on Superman’s cape, or worse.

Now the worse thing about this whole mess is that the subsequent violence in the city of Ferguson was done so in the name of a cause that didn’t exist.  The community didn’t want a trial or due process, they wanted blood!  They failed to understand that the judicial system takes a little time.  Instant gratification does not exist in our court system.  The last time it did, we were a slave owning nation.  Do you want to go back to that kind of justice?  Of course not; however, that is what the angry masses in Ferguson wanted.  They wanted to lynch the man.  A man who was faced with a difficult decision and insurmountable responsibility associated with his actions.  He will not likely ever wear a badge again.  Which is fine.  I’m not saying he shouldn’t be penalized for the results of his actions, the grand jury that heard the evidence in the case determined it did not warrant indictment.  This jury was comprised of 9 white, and 3 black, which is roughly the ratio of white to black in St Louis County (24% black, to 68% white).  Please see the 22 August 14 article in the St Louis Post-Dispatch.


The Ferguson community raided, looted and pillaged!  All in the name of Michael Brown.  They stole, destroyed and assaulted!  All in the name of Michael Brown!  These are acts driven by a cause, right?  Like the Million Man March, right?  Wrong, it was rank opportunists destroying their own community for a big screen TV, a new pair of Jordans, and a few free snacks from some gas stations.  Worse, many of them just did it because they wanted to be destructive.  It was not to defend their race, which, in my opinion doesn’t need defending, it needs honorable representation.  They screamed that the black community was being mistreated.  Whose community are you destroying?  Whose property values are you decreasing?  Whose businesses are you mutilating?  They killed property values, destroyed personal businesses, and hurt people and property all in the community they were advocating for?  Some people just want a cause to fight for, a cause to steal for, destroy for, and hurt others for.

Please watch the below video.  Listen to “freedom fighters” explaining their cause.


Does anyone remember when racism was funny?  It wasn’t about hate, it was about clear differences in culture.  Please see below:



There is very little about these that isn’t racist according to today’s standards.  They are hilarious!  They simply highlight stereotypes that are  built by solid foundations.  There are stereotypes against all races, religions, sexes, etc.  Why is it, when a white person uses or makes an example of one or more of them, they are considered a racist?  Black and Hispanic people have the social privilege of being able to openly make fun of any race.  White people have learned to walk on egg shells regarding saying anything that even differentiates different races.  Where is that freedom of speech?  It’s so sad that a small chink in the social armor of our culture has infringed on the constitutional rights of white people.  I believe all people would agree that there are several kinds of blood types that are human in nature, right?  Is there a B Pos Black?  B Pos White?  NO!  We all bleed red.

Honestly, I see more racism coming from the black community than I do the other way around.  They even have a name for it.  It’s called reverse racism.  There’s another term that makes me want to puke.  Do you know what reverse racism is?  It’s called, “not racist.”  That’s English!  It’s as if a person of color cannot actually be racist.  They are reverse racist?  Makes no sense.  I am reverse racist, wait, no I can’t be because I’m white.  Wait, wouldn’t THAT be racism?  I know that there are white people who are afraid to walk down streets in a black neighborhood merely because they are white. Why is this?  Is this because there is far more black on white crime than white on black crime?  How is it that when this happens, it’s not considered racial profiling.  Apparently, only police and neighborhood watch profile by race.  Hmm?  This entire paragraph is simply an illustration of potentially the most profound double standard regarding racism in our country.

I can’t stand that there are things that I can’t say for fear of being labeled a racist.  Things that are as plain as day, can’t be mentioned because if I mention it, I must be racist.  You know, someone once had the gall to say that Star Wars was racist?  This accusation was based upon the facts that members of one alien race sounded somewhat Japanese, and an alien of another sounded Jamaican or something like that.  How creative can you get when coming up with accents for the hundreds, if not thousands of alien thingies in George Lucas’ brain?  Sooner or later, some were going to hit close to home.  Stop looking for racism.  In fact, we should stop talking about it all together!  It’s likely that it will be less of a problem if we stop bringing it up.  It’s like when you buy a car.  You start to notice that there are a lot more people out there with that same kind of car.  Is this because there was a sudden boom in purchases of that particular make and model as soon as you bought yours?  Or, is it because you are now on the look-out for others with similar automotive taste?

Side thought that doesn’t warrant a whole paragraph:  I’m not Anglo-Irish American, just American.  That’s my nationality, not my race.  I’m white.

The things that some people get away with in the convoluted name of equality and fear of racism are asinine.  Ebony magazine, racist.  Black Entertainment Television, racist.  Black Hair Magazine…well, I get that one. I mean, the list goes on.  Other races couldn’t do that.  Now, I don’t think that having things strictly designed for black people is wrong because in many instances, the culture and upbringing of certain people can be significantly different.  However, what does bother me is that everyone can’t do it.  It’s not racist to have these race specific things, it’s racist that other races can’t do it.  It’s like the black community that is so hard pressed to push the race card, is telling me, “sorry, you can’t drink out of that fountain, it’s just for us.”

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is probably rolling in his grave seeing what his battles were fought, and what he died, for.  He fought for equality.  He fought for fairness.  He fought for good reasons!  He fought so black people could get the same jobs as white—the same opportunities as white.  He had the right message!  That’s gone now.  The fight for equality is over.  We are all equal!  More people of all races fight not to work and to collect unemployment. Now, it is the fight for leverage and payback.

Slavery was awful, but it’s over in the United States.  Now, there is nothing wrong with trying to empathize with your ancestors.  It’s probably close to impossible these days, but it’s a good thing to be proud of your heritage and proud of the things your ancestors had to overcome.  White people can do nothing further to rectify the situation.  It’s time to get off of the soap box.  I am not saying get over it.  I hate it when people say that.  I am not known for my sensitivity but, that’s one thing I just can’t put to the side.  I wouldn’t be over it, but I wouldn’t be angry with anyone over it.  Sure, I’m angry at General Lee.  I’m so angry at him.  Okay, he’s been dead for over 100 years.  I’m sure he’s not losing any sleep over the fact that I might be angry at him.

If someone wants to be mad over slavery, I’m all for it.  Please research Saudi Arabian slave trade.  Even in our modern society, black people are still enslaved in several middle-eastern countries and Africa.  Just not here; so we need to stop playing that card as a guilt trip or leverage for privilege.

The “N” word.  Now, I listen to rap music.  It was the most prominent music in my neighborhood growing up and therefore has a special place in my heart.  Having said that, rap music is full of the most horrible language ever.  Now, call me a hypocrite, but I listen to it anyways.  I even listen to the songs that have that dreaded “N” word lathered everywhere.  Why?  I like the music.  I don’t tend to pitch a fit about what people do in the name of art with their respective talents; however, when the “N” word is used in everyday conversation to address a friend, co-worker, enemy, or whomever, it is like me walking around calling everyone a slave.  What up my slave?  Black people of the world, hear me!  Please do not talk to me about racism and civil rights if you are going to continue to communicate to anyone using this “N” word!  I might be a hypocrite for listening to “Hit ‘em Up” by 2Pac, but you are far worse because you are destroying your limited credibility on the subject!

Fuck the police!  That’s the new trend now-a-days.  The police are all racists bastards.  I am not going to get into this too much other than to say, cops have a very difficult job.  Public safety is there job and they do what they have to in order to do their job.  Sometimes that means profiling a little bit.  If a wanted suspect has been described as a six foot tall, black man, in a hoodie, that’s the profile!  If a wanted suspect has been described as a six foot tall, white man, in a hoodie, that’s the profile!  If anyone is walking down a street in the middle of the night that, statistically speaking, has a high crime rate, the police, charged with public safety, have the responsibility to stop them and inquire what they are doing to make sure they are both okay, and not up to no good.  This goes the same for those college kids who are doing the same, “social experiment” over, and over, and over again by carrying their AR15 down the road.  If the police stop you and want your ID, hand it over!  If the police had been doing that in Colorado back what the Batman movie released, maybe that guy wouldn’t have been able to shoot up a theater and kill people!  Leave the cops alone!  They have a hard job and a heavy burden to carry.  That burden is called, the Lawful Use of Force.  Sometimes judgment calls have to be made, and there may not be any right answer.  Cops are not always in the right. In fact, cops are people too, therefore, there are good ones and bad ones. A prime example would be the Rodney King beating.  Now, Mr. King was way out of line attacking four police officers but, the officers had a responsibility to subdue him as quickly as possible as opposed to just beating him to a pulp.  Back then, there is no argument about the fact that there was significant racism in the Los Angeles Police Department.  The rioting that ensued after the King beating, was a bit more vindicated.  A bit.  At least they rioted for the right reasons, although I am more of a fan of passive resistance and peaceful protests a la Gandhi and MLK Jr.  The rioters did, however, still steal, destroy, injure, etc, their own neighborhoods, which is not clever anyway you look at it.

There are so many double standards and examples of black people being more racist than white, I couldn’t hope to explore them all.  This is not a generalization.  Being black, doesn’t mean that everything or anything I’m saying applies to you.  The things I say very easily apply to a huge number of white people too.  Everyone who knows me personally understands that I am a caring person who, for better or for worse, wants the United States and the “Human Condition” to succeed in all aspects.  We, as a society, cannot do that bickering amongst ourselves over something that is merely exasperated by the debate itself.  We fuel the fire by giving it any merit what-so-ever.  I am not a white man, I’m just a man.  I care about the good of man-kind and as such, there are many who threaten that just for the sake of getting some attention and gaining leverage.  I have no time for that.  This all goes back to my previous post “Let them Grow—Let Them Lead The Way” when I say, lack of education, general knowledge of the world, and open minded reasoning—BLAME PARENTS!  I will conclude with a very short clip, that summarizes my entire blog post in under a minute.



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