An Honest Rant–Red Stripe

Great things come in little packages, right?  Well, there are few better examples than the masterfully brewed Jamaican beer, Red Stripe.  It is a wonderful blend of flavors all ending in an honest to goodness, Coca-Cola style “Ahhhh.”

Now, my main gripe is the fact that this little wonder is so little.  I did a little research on the topic and discovered that, at one time, Red Stripe sold in America was bottled in the standard 12 oz bottle; however, the market experts at the time pinned the lack of sales on the reluctance of consumers to purchase it thinking it might just be an American version of the coveted Jamaican masterpiece.  Then, of course, shipping of the beer from Jamaica to the US was put on hiatus due to the abundance of other mind altering substances coming from that region during that time.  In 2010 it became available on a wide scale basis in the US, in the authentic 11.2 oz bottle, or so my research suggests (I know I drank it in Florida in 2004 – 2006).

I guess it’s not that big of a deal that I miss out on .8 oz per beer if I want it in a bottle (I am not a can-fan man) but other than the taste (which is a significant variable), there are no other perks to the beer.  I get less beer, with the same alcohol content as a Miller Lite, and it’s not exactly cheap.  I’m not a marketing expert but, I think I’m clever enough to come up with a strategy to overcome the skeptical masses who cannot accept Red Stripe in a 12 oz (or perhaps even a 16 or 22 oz) serving size.  The same marketing experts who came up with the conclusion that the bottle size was the reason the beer didn’t sell, have now had the time for Red Stripe to form a sizable enough consumer base to justify a new marketing plan. Perhaps just say, on the same style label, “Don’t worry, we just put it in a bigger bottle.” I mean, it’s not like it’s being brewed in Jamaica anymore anyways, at least not for sale here. The beer is brewed in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania (also homes to great beers). Hire me, I’ll figure it out. I appreciate that at some obscure locations, we can find a 16 oz canned serving, but cans are for domestic light beers, and that’s about it.


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